Ares Advantage Exera 130CXATT Technology Demonstration

Altitude Assist Technology (AAT)

We understand how frustrating it is for new pilots to be excited about flying, then struggle with first flights. Flying can be a little intimidating at first.

Our Altitude Assist Technology (AAT) makes it easy for first time fliers to master 4 channel control, and gives low-time and experienced pilots added confidence to fly in smaller indoor spaces where height is limited. It's all accomplished with state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensors that help the pilot avoid floors and ceilings.

Mode 1 activated
  • Auto Take Off
  • Hover Hold
  • Auto Land
Exera 130CX

Advanced AAT manages the throttle for first-time pilots so that they can focus on learning how to use the other 3 channels without having to worry about running into the ceiling or crash landing.

In Mode 2, AAT allows throttle control making it easier to fly freely around the room. The sensors continue to detect the ceiling to avoid over-accelerating the throttle which typically leads to a crash and broken parts to replace.

Mode 2 Activated
  • Ceiling Avoidance
  • Dynamic Throttle Limiting

Mode 1

Allows you to fly without the assistance of AAT's on-board ultrasound sensors.

Exera 130CX

Once your flying skills have progressed to where you're successfully flying in Mode 2, you're ready to move on to Mode 3 where you can fly without the assistance of AAT!